Hi Tom

I wanted to put together this page as a last pitch to ask you to be involved with this documentary. I can understand your hesitation, it is after all a story about you, which could be seen as intrusive or as meddling. And by no means is this attempting to convince you, rather just a chance for me to put into words what I see in your story.

Over the years, mainly in Melbourne, I was able to work with artists of all calibers, creating documentaries in small form as a record of their work and styles. In some instances, I was able to investigate a little further. Throughout all of them, my interest was mainly spawned by what they do.....and why they do it. 

None of these pieces were hard hitting journalism, more conversations about the world we inhabit and why we participate. What drives, as well as what provides the falls. And how to rise.

I always was in charge of the questions, as in most cases, I was the only one in the room.

So why you?

I love your story, of what I have heard so far. You strike me as a thinker as well as an idealist. Your passion for your music shines even inside your current malaise with it. That's what makes your playing vital, because of the wrestle you have with it. A transformative period for you that surely will lead you into unexpected, new and an almost spiritual reckoning with your playing. I am not wanting to deeply unpack that, but capture what that is. Your situation is not uncommon for most in the arts, even in humanity. It's a journey that results in nothing but good things, for yourself, those around you and your audiences.

I truly feel that a story such as yours would resonate with many people, as well as inspire others to see through their own times. It's a wonderful thing.

For now, I will leave the words at that. Feel free to watch some, or all of the content below. There's a fair bit, but I thought I would show you more rather than less. Even if I don't hear anything for a while, or at all, I appreciate the thought you have given this.

If you would like to catch up and chat, possibly talk through the idea, your hesitations and concerns, I would be more than happy to. Beer is on me. Or a tennis match!

Sincerely All the Best

Justin Batchelor




For short time, I had a seperate little venture that was based around artists and their work, The Calling. I was trying new styles with what time I had, and also played with different formats for interview styles.

Independent Artists.

I was always keenly aware that I wanted for circle of friends, largely artists, to be able to receive the same high quality of material for their own purposes as my paid work. And they were aware that with them, I could play and experiment.

Professional Arts

Lots more I could share but these are professional favourites, mainly created to help promote work or upcoming work. These organisations allowed me to play and explore, and for most, I was the interviewer.

On Being.....

Over the course of about 5 years, one of my more ambtious and abstract projects took place. Called On Being.... , it was a one shot 5-10 interview with no other footage. It was solely based on asking one question about that person in regards to their work and then cut down to a bite sized chunk. On Being.... silent is still one of my favourite pieces. Selected ones here, with 17 in total.

And some Random Work


My Documentation Reel

Visual Reel


And some Iceland :)

Thanks. Justin B