Ljós and Dökk

I like how I write, and even more so, how I think. Seeing that the world exists in both the blackness and the light.

It stems from a mild form of depression or bi-polar disorder which I know has swirled around my brain since I was young. It's led to highs and lows. Exciting adventures and crippling instability. Friends and family would attest to "being there" in some of those moments. Who could ever forget that party where I disappeared to hide on the floor, under clothes, in my bedroom only to have my friends searching for me. When I was 32. Oh the times, the times....

Life isn't all peachy and roses, but at the same time, its not all black and black. I think that so often we spend out time trying to be happy, safe and secure whilst we neglect the harsh realities that also exist in our personal lives. Not some warring nation, not our political leaders and not the person next to us but ourselves. I truly believe that understanding the depths of our own barrel can assist in finding the joy in anything. No wishy washy existential blah blah, just the simplicity of opposing sides of the same coin.

See that and you'll realise why I decided to plonk myself on the top of the planet in the harshest of winter environments. I have a desire to embrace that darkness. Embrace the isolation. And at the same time, find wonder in the world.

And so through that, the ship that is sailing will always be able to find calm waters, no matter the ocean.

So to celebrate the lightness of light, I created a Go-Pro piece of headwater in a beanie. First person video magic coming up.

And here's some light music to keep your warm, or chill you out if you're burning up in hometown Melbourne. I didn't film it but I wish did. The gorgeously talented (and Icelandic) Mr. Silla.

Justin Batchelor