If darkness were a person, you would not like to meet it.

Solitary, closed and full of introspection.

Whilst a night sky can be filled with a variety of colours, at its base is black. Solitary black. Black that won't give in, black you can't escape, black that won't give in.

It's much like loneliness and isolation. Seeking a daylight sky, that extra dose of vitamin D. Colour to the skin. Brightness to the mind.

Sisyphus was black of mind. A deep black. As punishment for his wicked ways, he was forced to roll a boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down. And to start the process again, endlessly. A constant punishment not to realise, but eternally atone.

But are we not all Sisyphus? Our past mistakes and misgivings have led us to eternally push the boulder of memory up a hill and strive for a result that will never pass.

Why should we ache for something else, when all we can do is constantly stroke the nature and nurture of our past. Regurgitate it like a small child as a reason for living, and an excuse inside dying.

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Justin Batchelor