s - She waits at the mirror

Reverse lit, she stands in silhouette at the mirror.

A pause. A noise. A soft rustle outside. Turning her head slowly, arching it slightly sideways, she gazes from the corner of her brilliant hazel coloured eye. Is that..?

No. Nothing but a man. And a dog. A nightly stroll has taken her attention unwillingly.

Disappointed, she turns back to the confines of her reflection. Lipstick and soft powder adorning her face. She feels ready. Eager. Willing but unsure. The safety of her usual confines seems both like a cell as much as a comfort. Endless months had passed since her last footsteps into a social world, and now, with only moments to spare, she questions her resolve.

He had taken nothing, but however, unknowst to him, her confidence. He had shared and sufficed. Willing to mature her further into something unknown, but confidently placing a new stream in front of her path. Stones had laid themselves at her feet, and in this darkness, she knew that each stone was a step.

And as the snow falls softly in a gaussian blur behind her, only her eyes can meet her own. An inward reflection so deep that it touched that part of her that was unwilling to go no further. A match that lit her soul.

And as the man and dog walked away from their rest stop, she decides in that moment.

The door is no barrier. The door is an opening.

She crosses the corridor with a whisper and as her hand reaches the brass handle of the old doorway, she hears the car roll up to her heavily frosted concrete driveway, crushing ice on its way.

And under her breathe, she mutters to her mother, who had cradled her in her arms from driveway to bed after every long haul trip north....

"I'll do better....I'll do better."

Justin Batchelor