Choose your own weather

Quite a start to the morning here in little Husavik.

Most mornings bring a sense of deja vu. You go to bed in the dark, sleep soundly and wake to the same darkness that wished you goodnight. You wait patiently for the light to rise again (about 10:30am) and think,

wait, is this the same day or a new day.

And to be greeted by rain falling on a horizontal angle, with a pounding wind, knowing as soon as you see it that

this is not a day to venture outside.

And then the temperature drops suddenly, and that falling rain now turns to snow and the street lit town disappears in a haze of white and you realise,

I think I need to go to the shops

But someone decides that we should all have coffee and we all agree. What's yet another cup to warm the body and hold whilst you look out the window and are reminded that

oh my, this place is extraordinary.

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Justin Batchelor