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A decade had passed, as had life, loves and experience. Tethered to a sweetened past, the landscape had not changed, but the emotions had. A different place in the world. A changed outset. 

Land covered greens and the grey of stone had been overtaken by white, white and white. Plains of soft powder for miles, eventually giving way to a multitude of rises in the distance, soaring to meet their collaborators in the sky.

Geography makes acquaintances; Perth beaches are similar. Albeit a yellow replacing that white. Layers of soft ground, occasionally giving way to a small patch of scrub or stone. But what makes that place different from this is that the vast, temperate Indian ocean provided a break from the hostility of the warm sand.

Here it is just white.

And the seas inhumane.

And the mountains brutal.

And the air more than brisk.

For all the platitudes, for all the excitement, this place is terrifying.

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Justin Batchelor