Punishment is a direct result of a misdirected action. Punishment is usually acquired, be it as a necessity or as something undesired but required.

Here, punishment is a function of merely being alive. A simple walk, a shop for vegetables, a swim in a pool. You can't avoid the punishment from the weather fairy.

Winter is often described as whispy and poetic. Here, it's a cold blast from the higher arctic circle, bringing with it winds, constant snow and the want for shelter and warmth. Almost as if being a neanderthal got interrupted by electricity and automobiles. We are at the base, in places like this, walking skin bags at the mercy of the arctic winds.

It has its attractions, mainly in the dusky hours and the long periods of darkness. The houses, shops and harbour glow under the illumination of street lights. That tungsten yellow permeates the view below and stretches to the town's proximity.

Enough to make you realise, that not only you, but those around you, are constantly searching for a way to avoid "refsa".

Justin Batchelor