Self Posting 1

I'll avoid the literary words this time around and jump straight into what an insane experience this is.

Right now, my home town Melbourne is dealing with 38 degree weather and probably teetering on the edge of insanity.

Here, it ain't much different, just invert the numbers for the chill. Most days, sitting at -2 degrees. Most nights, a little chillier.

Being an Australian lad, the snow is the most powerful thing. It comes in waves, following the northerly breeze of the Arctic Circle. Yesterday, the winds and the subsequent snow were forceful for the entire day. When you have to walk 10 minutes to home from the studio, it's hard to say the least.

Settling in with a wonderful bunch of artists, all working in video as a medium, eating wonderfully, mixing with the local community and beginning a new journey into fresh work.

Justin Batchelor