Settling in but not settling down. Although light appears for a short period, there is study to be had. Picking a spot with a direct view to the mountains in the far distance provides an avenue for reflection, and the at times, dreaded technicalities of timing. Which is important as you can't miss a beat here.

From each intrepid footstep you take over either snow, melting snow, melted snow or frozen ice, to the brisk cold. The men in the harbour even walk with the feeling of must get from A to B. There livelihoods depend on it.

Though, at times, it feels child like. A sense of play.

However, through each slip, stagger and striking visual to grab your eye, I wonder, what would it take to strip this place back. To let light fall where it may, and to translate it into a place that finds it difficult to sustain itself.

untitled shoot-1200539.jpg
Justin Batchelor