I stood on the harbour today and watched birds flying around for a while. I'm not a bird watcher per say, but it's always a good challenge to try and snap a bird in flight. Given my lack of interest for the actual bird, it's often more a test in composition rather than species.

I watched a number of them flying around today, mostly in circles. I was wondering for a while what kept them doing loops. Food, bordom, games? And then it struck me, maybe just maybe, like me, they were chasing the sunlight.

As the sun began to drift into its 2 hour sunset, the sky was lighting up in a myriad of vibrant colours, all with an undercoat of blue. And these birds, they just kept flying towards it before doing long circles back, as though warming their bodies on the last remaining light for the day.

I live with 5 other extraordinary people at the moment, but we all drift like that solitary bird. Up days, down days, sads and happiness. Some festering, some taken from others like the flu. And more than wanted, the constant understanding that one day we will see the sun properly again.

And being away. From home, from family, from consistency. All small details that in the larger picture can make the journey all the more challenging. No matter how bold we pretend to be, that the smallest of factors means nothing, it would be a lie not to recognise that part is played.

And then you pinch yourself and look around.

The first recorded explorer to this land over a thousand years ago decided that he didn't want anyone else to come. So he called it Iceland.


I'm in Iceland.



Justin Batchelor