Community is a great thing. It swirls constantly, and you have to read the waves to catch the best ones. And all the while, you discover. Get educated. Become an instant historian.

And in the same communities, you can see the dysfunction, the quarrels. Albeit silent. Or behind backs. Irritating as they may be, you sense the lack of harmony. In waves and currents it does flow.

You have to ride the waves. Otherwise, the riptides get you and the experience gets lost.

Being resolute to the changes of humans, in their instants, the surfboard gets longer, and the focused community gets stronger. The opportunities get larger. For without others, you can't be bigger.

A month of building trust and establishing a community seems to be paying off.

It's quite possible that I will be the first Batchelor to cross the Arctic Circle.

On a boat.

With a camera.

With one fisherman.

Catching 1 tonne of fish in a day. 

Hey dad..... put that in the future family tree.


Justin Batchelor