The Northern Light Truth

So just as a clarification, the northern lights DO NOT appear every night. They appear when they wish, with a combination of atmospheric pressure, open skies and the sun pushing out solar flares. Zero to do with spiritual maxums and chance, more to do with a scientific rational that I have no comprehension of.

I have been here for near 5 weeks. In that time, I have seen them 3 times. And those three times have not been the picturesque travel brochures, full of reds and yellows and blues. If you want to pay serious coin for some hip to the hop Icelander to drive you out to the middle of nowhere, go for it. If you want to be here and live, just sit next to an Icelander in a hot pool and watch them not give a shit about it.

However, they are quite beautiful, but they also remind you of the passing of time and the darkness. They provide a luminescent joy for a moment, when you can see them.

And in that moment, you do realise that you are insignificant. Yes you.

Those gasses, atoms, neutrons and other worldly scientific things provide an existence that throw off too a commonality.

Do this.

Work that.

Enjoy that.

Hate that.

All those "thats" that are pointless. You are at the whim of something you will never be able to control; your actual environment.

I wanted more snow. The Icelandic weather report says there won't be any here this week. 

Maybe next Wednesday....or Thursday...

Or Friday....

Or...Ahhh fuck it. Its cold.

That's enough.

Here is a photo of a fish. There are a lot of them here. More than the NL.

Justin Batchelor