Take Back

Surprises. Surprising really. Unexpected moments glittering sparingly from time to time. And these moments, fragile as they are, come from unexpected places. It wasn't meant to be like this you say, truly aware that this won't do damage, but even better, increase the passion.

Staring with mouth agape, you remember colour as though a first timer to the palette. Colour and light spread like butter. Spreading like butter. Continuously shifting around you. Deepest of blacks to whitest of whites and all in between. Like conversations that sway in a moving sea. High tides and low ebbs, rocking the little brain boat. And you swim in it. The glory of everything and it's beautiful nothing.

You have to step back. You have to wait according to someone else's plan occasionally. And not force or push. But wait. Listen. Open your eyes. Let your ear drums rattle to the faint hum.

And when you stand in it, and let it wash you as though being baptised under a warm water, you become small again. A tiny bubble of future, motionless under the glow of everything. 

It's not for me to say that oneness can be gained, but the chase towards it can be illuminating. Especially under the glow of lights like never before. 

Red becomes new.

Green becomes new.

Yellow, pink, blue. They all become new.

And as they dance for you, as the conversations dance for you, as the wind and weather dance for you, as the landscape dances for you, your soul keeps a steady rhythm. Hoping for it again.

And again.

And again. 

Just a quick note to say that the GH4 isn't the greatest camera for this kind of photography, but I am working on it :)

Justin Batchelor