I existed today


The sun, rising for an extra 5 minutes a day now. Full blown sky of blue with the yellow orb drifting higher across the horizon.

Strange when you can't see your own shadow, stranger when you don't see it for days on end. December was a no show, eluding the senses.

And as that sun rises, those shadows get stronger.

Though the wind still blows, and the snow is about to fall again. The green grass we see on the hills, soon to be replaced by the soft blanket that keeps the mountains alive. Keeps the country alive. Keeps the people alive.

My humour towards seeing and feeling the snow is felt less by those used to it. The people of the town, used it its irregular regularity during the winter months. And into spring. They don't complain though, they just carry on, understanding that the passing of the season entertains them with the coming of a different one.

But for a man from the south, where the temperatures are low, but not low enough to freeze the rain sodden clouds, it's a beautiful gift still. 

Like flying in a plane. Really, how does that work, it's quite incredible.

Also saw some Icelandic horses today. Stocky little things with beautiful thick hair. Yet to find them in the supermarket though. Yep, I said that. Further cooking post to come.

more photos always at : https://flic.kr/s/aHskqj3y4u

Justin Batchelor