My camera is well known for its early firmware for not being able to control the fan properly inside it. After a long take, the fan would slowly bring itself to a whir and then increase at a rapid rate to a full blown spin. From then on, in the industry, they would call it the hairdryer. It's noise would cut through the room. The camera company altered the firmware and the presence of it is now less.

Although, I found that again recently, with an actual hairdryer.

A bounty of thoughts and ideas, most of which have been keeping my head busy, keeping me awake half the night where whirring through my head until I actuated that hair dryer. Within a moment, extraneous noise and jumble disappeared under the weight of that sound. And as I stuck my head under it, the noise got louder and the thoughts got smaller.

All I was left with was this warm sensation and that sound filling my scalp and its contents. Quiet under the influence of the most noisey of circumstances.

I think I might buy a hairdryer.

Great day today otherwise. We watched a 57 minute long piece by one of the residents here that was as much about community as it was about place. And how those communities can be disintegrated under the influence of forces stronger than it. And it's own self.

And of course, my video of failing miserably at snowboarding for the first time.

Justin Batchelor