Bigger than I thought. More footsteps than I had counted.

A landscape higher and lower than understood.

More bistros than necessary (how the hell does their business survive)

Buildings old and extraordinarily new. All perfectly fitting into each other.

Except the Montparnasse tower, absolutely diabolical.

Curves that reach both for the sky, the horizon and the ground.

A pace you can only counter by being apart of it.

A rail system that works. And has to.

Wine that tastes like wine that was.

Cheese that bites with a salty history.

Communities, thousands of them. All with bonjours, Madames and Monseiurs.

And that tower, that tower is actually quite amazing.

As were the ques. 

Sortie, arrondissement, café, bistrot, Saint-Germaine, Port de Pantin, mouette, Chanel, Helene, Vuitton, après vous, bon soir, bon nuit.

Au revoir.

À bientôt. 


Justin Batchelor