Big Boat/s

So I plonked myself on a boat the other week that the local ship yarders were transporting from the wharf to the docking area for maintenance. A grand total of 200 metres. But for some reason, (not being a journeyman of the water) it took three times as long to pull the damn thing in than usual. And being poorly dressed for the occasion, I requested shore leave and was granted a ride in a red dinghy back to the safety of shore. 50 metres away.

Sea legs I have not, but the dudes that work here more than make up for my deficiencies in sea life. These guys are seamen, without it being rude. Hardy, but not foolish, strong but with kind hearts and even kinder conversation.

They will be missed on my a bus. Not as romantic as a sailboat.

The first pic is the kindest of men, Nils, who has been a constant drop in to the studio. Couldn't find a nicer chap.

Justin Batchelor