Circles are the darnedest things. Around and around. Seems like a boring adventure

I prefer straight lines. Lines that intersect and take new paths. Lines that cross and double cross. Pathways and problems. What's life without a few problems. I'd just buy a ute, have three kids and have a mortgage for the rest of my life if I truly wanted to be bored.

I reflected the other day on what it's all going to add up to over the years. Trying to see through a darkness makes the past foggier than the future.

"Did I do anything worthwhile"

"Did I contribute in a meaningful way"

"Did anything actually work out..."

I'm left with a sense of everything being continuous. No finality or end result. To anything. Years ago I learnt that its pretty difficult to make it. In the process of trying, you find new pathways that when you finally reach the result you desired, you're probably on another million tracks anyways. 

So what's the point of a circle. Unless you just want to end up where you started, which is where you end. And start. And repeat.

And repeat.

Justin Batchelor