A. fraid

Something just happened. 1 beer. 1 meet. 1 chat that broke the routine.

What was to be expected was both shot down and reversed in a jagged conversation of past present and future. A possible meeting of minds. Possible.

And it gave me a fright. I came here to explore newness. I did not expect the newness to be so prescient. So immediate. And also worryingly long winded. 

I needed now. I half expected now. And what it became was a new now. 

Is this part of the dream inside an expanding reality. Could it be that what worries me so much is that goal and success that I've been longing for.

Ahhh shit. I think I see the future. And I'm scared, paranoid and elated at the same time.

It's natural to be afraid.

Justin Batchelor