Víðir Björnsson

16 to 17.

Even back then I felt a change. I felt like I was closer to the end of a long time of schooling. I had no idea what the future held. My brain hadn't worked out how to extend past days with friends or riding my bike or learning the world of theatre. I'd seen only part of the world. All of it seemed to matter at that stage. I'd floated high, and had already been hit low, taking a large chunk of my self esteem.

And I didn't know. It wasn't that I was dubious. I just didn't know. The world was a massive place and I had barely scratched the surface.

2016 now seemed the same. Highs and lows. But now seeing the world on a different scale.

How could the world still treat each other like that? I've been around for 40 years. How could we still be impoverished. How could we still hate. How could we still treat people with indignity. With animosity, With intolerance. 

And how could I still?.

How could I still.....

Smoke knowing it was bad.

Drink knowing it did nothing.

Not love when I could.

Be larger than I thought.

Live the dreams my mother taught.

I should get onto that.......

To one local hero...

I'm working on it Captain. I am working on it.





Justin Batchelor