Keep plugging at it. It is where you're meant to be.

Famous words from a famous person. At least in my world.




Life. Baby steps. Again. At 40. And not being scared by what they produce. A life, bigger than expected even a few years ago. Waiting and wanting.

Not progressing to a waiter in a chicken shop.

Fight and wrangle. Pull in and twist. Twist well. And thoughtfully. You are not special, you are an individual trying to succeed. Even in small steps.

Beginnings are difficult. That's why most people don't try and do them. Maybe this is a cinematic journey. No matter how old you get.

blah blah blah.

Life's a bitch when you change it. Even intentionally. 

A scratch. An itch.

Rub it. Scab it. 

And then clean skin comes to the fore.


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Justin Batchelor