All things considered.....

It’s where we all end up. A solitary abyss that no one knows of, can reconcile, or see.

I was careful there to include the Oxford comma. A comma that separates a list of three things. Or something like that.

And that’s life. A constant fear amongst a multitude of distractions. A place that that no one can see the light in or for. Where the world has the habit of getting the best of us, setting us towards the next sugar rush.

Much like this blog. From Squarespace. Easy internet things. Even put a URL in there.

We all will die.

See the end of things.

Pass our families and loved ones.

And we only hope, just hope, that through all of this we see the glimmer, the shards of light that pass by us so infrequently troubled, that we can see the life of things. The love of things.

The crema.

The yellow.

The iridescent blues.

But don’t forget that job you have to apply for. It will come and go more quickly than you can apply so you better apply for ten meaningless others.

To breathe.

To consider.

To see the weight of things that are tangible and important.

Not a reflection of a disappointment.

But a joyous reflection of all things considered.

Look…. an 8


Justin Batchelor