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if I saw you again I'd stay away. 

if I saw you again I'd likely sway. 

if I saw you again I'd only glance. 

if I saw you again, it wouldn't be chance. 

if I saw you again, I'd apologise. 

if I saw you again, I'd remenisce. 

if I saw you again I wouldn't say a word. 

i hope to see you again. 

and not. 


Lost. For words. 

In words. With words. For words. 


The only way here. Is there. Must get there. 

Floating in the muggy ether. Smelling it on the edges of your nostrils.  

The pungent smell of modernism. The pungent smell of exit. 

Keep up. Keeping up.


The wall of terror had struck an immediate chord. Arising form the dusty remnants of human history had produced an ashen face, stricken with the history of the fallen.

He was still here. With his past present and a now unsure future. Life but his, had been extinguished. And the only answers were his.

A lone survivor in an immediate aftermath.

No one else could speak of what he had witnessed. That spark that had transformed an ancient subset of underground tubes. 

The flash had taken his eyes for a moment. A moment enough to dull the pain of what was to come. That s what shock is. The immediate aftermath of hat has occurred. A brilliant moment where everything comes into a perspective you never thought or witnessed before.

That army soldier, witnessing death in all its extremes, having never understood the concept of passing in all its forms. With your stomach hanging out and all.

Mind the Gap the voice had said. Not realising that the gap was the end of all time for the few but him.

"Garvey, I think you went crazy"


So yeah.